Kunitz Quality Guarantee

Kunitz Shoes guarantees all footwear against manufacturing defect for 6 months from the purchase date.

A “manufacturing defect” is defined as a failure in either materials or craftsmanship that may result in a product not performing in its intended capacity.

If a product has suffered a manufacturing defect within 6 months of purchase Kunitz shoes will either repair, replace, or offer a credit for the product as best suits the case. Our highest priority is to ensure that all products that leave our stores perform as expected at the time of purchase.
Unfortunately, Kunitz Shoes does not guarantee our products for wear-and-tear. We will always do our best to help you maintain footwear to the best of our abilities and we are happy to provide many services to help keep your footwear looking (and feeling!) their best (please visit repair service for details).

Where possible, Kunitz shoes will endeavour to repair defective footwear. If it is possible to repair a defective product, Kunitz Shoes will undertake to do so in either its own workshop or send out the defective product for repair if needed. If the product is covered under the guarantee, Kunitz Shoes will cover all costs of repairs.
If the defective footwear is not repairable, or the defect is too severe to warrant repair, Kunitz Shoes may opt to replace the defective footwear. If the product is covered under the guarantee, Kunitz Shoes will cover all costs of replacement.
If it is not possible to repair a defective product and it is not available to replace, Kunitz Shoes will then credit the original purchase price of the product to the customer.

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