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All prices listed on kunitzshoes.ca are in Canadian dollars.

What/Who/When is Kunitz Shoes?
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Founded in 1981, Kunitz Shoes is a family owned and operated shoe retailer specializing in "really good shoes" for men, women and children. Kunitz Shoes operates two locations in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For ALL of the details, please visit our About page.

Where will Kunitz Shoes deliver shoes?
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We currently deliver to any Canadian or US address.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
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In general, it takes about 24-48 hours for us to get everything together and ready to ship.
For Canadian addressed orders, once your order is shipped you should expect delivery in 3-10 business days.
For USA addressed orders, once your order is shipped you should expect delivery in 6-14 business days.
For more details, please visit our shipping, delivery and orders document .

Can I pick up my shoes at a Kunitz shoes store?
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You bet! In fact, we love being able to ensure that each of our customers is getting the best fit possible. To ensure this (and assuming you live near Edmonton, the greatest town in the whole world…) we would encourage you to use our Click & Fit in-store pickup service. Please note that we will require photo ID for in-store pickups of orders made through kunitzshoes.ca.

How can I return my shoes?
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Please visit our Return page, and submit the return authorization form. Once processed, we'll get back to you with an RA number and a few brief instructions and you can ship the shoes right back to us. Please note that at this time, Kunitz Shoes does not cover return shipping costs.

Will the products I have ordered appear EXACTLY as they do on kunitzshoes.ca?
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At the time of photography and processing, we do our best to ensure that all of the products on kunitzshoes.ca are given their closest possible representation. While we have done our best in the studio, individual monitor calibrations can sometimes shift colours and contrasts on a photo. If you have a question regarding a product's colour, finish or texture, please contact us; we will certainly do our best to describe it. We might even try in iambic pentameter…

Can I order over the phone?
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Unfortunately, we are not able to process orders or payments over the phone for security reasons… but that doesn’t mean you can’t give us a call! If you have any questions regarding a product or the whereabouts of our local coyotes and woodland buffalo feel free to give us a shout.

Should I call the store if I can’t find what I’m looking for on kunitzshoes.ca?
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Our web sales staff are better positioned to answer any questions that you might have in regards to products or orders. When responding to an email, the folks at Kunitz Shoes will have the greatest ability to follow all avenues of inquiry to make sure you get the best response. Please email us regarding any order questions at orders@kunitzshoes.ca.

How can I check up on the status of my order?
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You can send us an email at orders@kunitzshoes.ca, or you can login at kunitzshoes.ca and check your order right in your profile.

I've found some shoes that I love, but how can I tell if they are going to fit?
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That’s a tough question. In reality, until that golden moment when you put the footwear on your foot you will never be 100% sure of the fit. In our stores, it takes time and patience (as well as a team effort between you and our trained staff) to make sure we get the right fitting shoes to meet the appropriate function. But don’t worry about getting it wrong- check out our Return Policy, and get in touch with us if you have fitting questions. There is no hard and fast answer to this, and unfortunately no substitute for trying on footwear (maybe a full 3D scan?). We’ve done the best we can to help you choose the right size with our size charts, but remember that sizing can be relative and is not 100% standardized in the footwear industry.

OK… I got my shoes. But how do I know if they fit?
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Well, the first indicator would be that they feel great (or at least “really good”). Let your feet tell you if your footwear fits, not your eyes or heart. If you feel as if you are really “trying to make these darn shoes fit”, chances are they probably won’t fit. In general, there should always be some space at the end of your footwear (so your toes are not making contact with the end of the toe box). For most shoes and boots, a small amount of heel movement inside the shoe is expected; somewhere between ¼” and ½” depending on the type of footwear.

The colour/size of the shoe I am looking for appears to be sold out! Help!
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We’ll do the best we can to try to track it down for you. Just send us an email at info@kunitzshoes.ca with all the details and we’ll get back to you. For decades we have been helping our clients through a refined special ordering service.

What is the 'Click and Fit' shipping option?
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Shop online and leave the fitting to us! Once you’ve decided on a purchase at kunitzshoes.ca, select the “in-store pickup” option from the shipping options. We’ll take it from there…
· Choose which location you would like to pick up your order
· Special fitting instructions will be reviewed at the time of pickup
· One-on-one fitting appointments are available
· Further recommendations from Kunitz Shoes staff
· Full refund or exchange at the time of fitting
· No shipping, transfer, fitting costs- save the shipping when you come in-store for a fitting
For more details, visit the Click & Fit page.

Where can I find a Kunitz Shoes store?
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We have two Edmonton locations:
Kunitz on Saddleback at 837 Saddleback Rd. NW
Kunitz on Jasper at 10846 Jasper Ave.
You can check out the stores online in our Contact page.

Why is there a difference between U.S., European and Canadian pricing?
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There are a few reasons for this. One of the main reasons is that the taxes and duties on imported products can vary widely in different areas of the world. The other main cause can be currency differentials; the pricing of a product may have been determined at the time it was ordered, which in many cases might be 6-8 months before it was received. Kunitz Shoes is committed to maintaining fair market pricing of all our products.

Where can I get the latest on all things Kunitz Shoes?
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A great place would be our What's On posts right here on kunitzshoes.ca. If you'd like to hear about our promotions, please sign up for our email newsletter in the footer of this page. Finally, we also post a lot of highlighted products that we LOVE on our Facebook page.

Is there parking available at the stores?
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Our Saddleback location has a large parking lot surrounding the store. Our Jasper avenue location has ample parking in the area as well: north of Jasper Ave. there is metered parking on both 108th and 109th street. There is also a loading area directly in front of the store as well as northbound on 109th just North of Jasper Ave.