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Website 2.0 2.0 has arrived!

After launching our first website in 2016, we have had lots of time to gather feedback from our customers. Many things have changed (especially with the pandemic!) so we have gone back to the drawing board and have decided it is time to update our website.

New Shopping Features

You asked, and we listened! Here are some of the new (and most requested) features we have encorporated into our new site:

  • View all available colours from shop page
  • Filter by colour
  • New location availability filters
  • Filter by size

See every colour

You can now preview every available colour option for a product... right from the main page. Click the colour swatch below an item to view other available options.

Every size, every colour... by location

On any product page, select "Store Availability" to reveal a grid showing every size of every colour available for that product." Use the dropdown menu to narrow down by location to check which store has what you need.

Filter all products by colour

You can now filter by colour! Select a colour from the filters on the left hand side, then watch as the website shows you all products that match. Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to one colour, you can mix and match too!

Filter all products by size

Looking for a specific size? Use the size filters to only show you the size you want, that way you can focus on what matters most: the perfect fit!