Repair Shop

Footwear can sometimes use some love. Often, this can come in the form of repairs. There are many ways to get the most from your footwear but only if you ready to give back. At Kunitz Shoes, we operate a repair shop and we are able to perform many simple repairs right in our store. From stretching to stitching, the ability to repair shoes gives our customers the best possible service we can think of- long after they’ve walked away from our stores with their new shoes.

repair shop stretcher stretching shoes
Common repairs
Using our ancient “patcher”, we’re able to perform most stitching repairs. This includes re-stitching areas of a shoe where the original stitching has worn, or patching up high-wear areas of a shoe. Footwear is often constructed of many different panels that are stitched together to bring an overall shape or function. As shoes “wear”, the seams will also stress and can sometimes fail; a simple stitching repair is often all that’s needed.
If you’ve got feet that just never seem to “fit” in shoes, you are not alone! Using an arsenal of medieval looking stretching devices, we’re able to perform all sorts of stretching and manipulations on footwear to help that fit go from good to great. Toe box, calf width, even a touch of lengthening is possible with the right tools and a bit of time.
We’re also able to make small modifications to footwear to help ensure the best fit. A great example would be trimming or extending straps on sandals. We can also modify and replace existing Velcro strapping to work like new again once it has gotten a little aged.
We can also repair and replace zippers on footwear. We wear a lot of boots in our Canadian climate, and all those zippers see a lot of abuse. It isn’t uncommon to repair or replace the zippers on a boot once in its lifetime.
Hectic schedule and you just can’t get those shoes spruced up? Leave it to us. We use a number of different techniques and have access to a wide variety of products to help us get your footwear looking great.
Birkenstock RepairBirkenstock Repair 2

Birkenstock work
We also offer a full array of Birkenstock servicing in our workshop. From simple cork re-sealing to replacing the entire footbed, we’ve been working on Birkenstocks for years. Some of our clients think the only thing better than a new Birkenstock is a re-newed Birkenstock!