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Kunitz X Lance Cardinal

Kunitz Shoes is proud to announce the launch of our latest footwear collaboration: The Lance Cardinal Collection. Over a year in the making, the collaboration brings together proven footwear designs and artwork from the well-known local artist.

Lance Cardinal, of the Big Stone Cree Nation has quickly become one of Alberta’s leading First Nation artists and entrepreneurs. His 30-year journey in the arts has allowed him to work with world class organizations all over Canada, including IKEA Edmonton, Rugby Canada, Unbelts, Telus World of Science, Edmonton Public Library, Fort Edmonton Park and the Edmonton Oilers.

The Kunitz x Lance Cardinal Collection will be available in-store at 11
AM Jan. 26. Due to very high demand, all purchases of KxLC footwear are limited to one order per customer, 2 pairs per order.

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“I am so inspired and thrilled to be working with one of Edmonton’s most established shoe companies, Kunitz Shoes, to create my FIRST collection of Indigenous inspired footwear!

What an opportunity to showcase the beauty and traditions of the Indigenous people here in Treaty 6 territory, creating another ground breaking example of reconcili-ACTION here in Edmonton. These designs are inspired by the traditional teachings and languages of the First Nations and Métis people.”

-Lance Cardinal

Stephanie Harpe is an International Advocate for MMEIP Murdered or Missing and Exploited Indigenous Peoples, Murder Attempt, Exploitation Survivor and Family member who was a part of public testimony for the National Inquiry. Keynote Speaker for United Nations, traveled 50 Indigenous communities in western Canada and hosted MMEIP support group for 3 years. An award nominated Singer and songwriter, Stephanie Harpe worked as cultural/community consultant and model throughout the KxLC process.



Enn Fleur Sandal
This sandal is inspired by traditional floral beading patterns of the Métis and Indigenous peoples.
“Enn Fleur” is the Michif language word for flower.

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Wacask Sneaker
My artist name, given to me by my grandfather, meaning muskrat

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Kihcêýihtâkwan Flat
Translation: Sacred. Directly translates to: It is respected; it is highly thought of; it is held sacred;
it is of the utmost importance; it is venerable.

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Kiteyihtâkosiwin Boot
The act of being honored

Lance Cardinal and Kunitz Shoes created this boot to recognize the lasting and ongoing effects of violence against indigenous peoples and support a way forward as an act of reconcilACTION. We hope to bring attention to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls movement with this iconic MMIWG Boot.

All proceeds from sales of the Kiteyihtâkosiwin Boot will be donated to “The Creating Hope Society” to support their work with survivors and their families in the Edmonton area.

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