Birkenstock Summer '18

June 18, 2018

Full Service Birkenstock Shop

Aside from our massive collection of Birkenstock shoes and sandals, we also offer full Birkenstock repair services.

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Birkenstock Workshop Repairs

Resoling : $50
Footbed+Resoling : $90

In Store Drop Off And Pickup Only

Whether you are long-time Birkenstock aficionado, or this is your first time trying Birkenstocks, there are a few important things to know when buying a pair:


They regularly fit about a size big, and are available in EURO sizing. For example, if you would normally wear a size 38 in other brands, we would recommend starting with a 37 Birkenstock. Also available in both “Narrow” and “Medium” widths, we find the “narrow” to fit exceptionally narrow, while the “medium” width fits the majority of feet both regular and wide.

Breaking Them In

While some people love the feel of their Birks from day 1, others find they need a little time to break in. This is completely normal! The cork footbed needs a little time to soften up and will mold to your feet after a few days of wear. At Kunitz, we recommend wearing your new Birks for a few hours at a time as they break in, rather than putting a 15 hour day in them your first time. Your feet will thank you! If however, you find the Birkenstocks a little too stiff for your liking, there are also Soft Footbed options that have an extra layer of cushioning for people who want that extra bit of bounce in their step.


We’ve all had that one pair of shoes or sandals that we just couldn’t stand to get rid of, and a broken in pair of Birks is about as comfortable as they come. To make sure our customers never have to give up their favorite pair of shoes, we offer year round repairs and servicing on Birkenstocks at our Saddleback Location (though downtown drop-off works as well). These services include: Birkenstock Resoling ($50), Footbed Replacement & Resoling (Hard=$90/Soft=$100), and other minor cork repairs (~$5-$10). With proper care, and the occasional maintenance work, Birkenstocks truly are meant to last!

The Addiction

Lastly, we have found that upon trying Birkenstocks, some people find they never want to wear any other kind of shoe again. If this happens to you, do not be alarmed. Instead consult your nearest Kunitz Shoes, where you can find nearly 100 different colours and styles of Birkenstock including shoes, slippers, sandals, and even a few vegan options! With our staff of experienced Birkenstock addicts fans, we would love to help you find your new favorite pair today!

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