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May 2, 2018

From May 2 – May 7 2018, save $25 off all regular priced ECCO footwear. Use coupon code ECCO25, or visit us in-store for a fitting.

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Outstanding quality, time tested reliability, and top-of-the-line comfort. These three hallmarks of ECCO footwear have led to them being a long-time favorite at Kunitz Shoes for the past decade. With incredible durability and an out of the box fit that sets them apart from their competitors, ECCO is often one of our first recommendations at Kunitz Shoes.

The key to ECCO’s comfort and quality lies in their world-renowned premium leathers, which are used by some of the biggest names in fashion today, as well as every pair of ECCO shoes. Leading their field in leather processing and development, ECCO shoes feature soft, tumbled leathers that require virtually no “breaking in” while maintaining their colour fastness and structure for years, with minimal care required. Made with only the best leathers in the world, ECCO footwear have redefined the comfort footwear category, and set a lofty bar for their competitors.

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Leather aside, the most important part of a shoe is its sole, and ECCO once again delivers. Utilizing a variety of TPU, PU, Rubber and synthetic soles depending on each individual style’s needs and wear expectations, every ECCO shoe is crafted to deliver the best walking experience possible, while maintaining their durability and comfort for many years to come.

When buying a pair of ECCOs, you aren’t just buying a pair of shoes, you are making an investment in your future comfort. Built to last, and to be as comfortable on day 900 as they were on day 1, ECCO footwear has remained a mainstay in comfort footwear for a reason. Try a pair today and see for yourself how good comfy shoes CAN be.

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