Winter Boot Collections

November 6, 2017

Winter has arrived…

…and with the new season comes the perennial (and not so proverbial) dusting-off of our winter boots.

If you are in need of some new winter kicks, we’ve sure got you covered. We’ve divided our winter boot collection into a few categories based on the intended use:

Polar Boots

Our warmest, most functional boot collection. When the mercury drops and the snow piles up, these are go-to boots to get you through the coldest winter weather snaps.
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Winter Boots

Just because the temperatures plummet doesn’t mean your fashion sensibilities need to. Our winter boot collection is first and foremost functional… without making style compromises.
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Spike Boots

Did you ever wish you had studded tires for your feet? Featuring an innovative stowable spike cleat, the Spike Boot Collection offers unparalleled snow and ice traction when you need it most.
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Mens Boots

From slope side to street side, we’ve got a solid collection of men’s winter footwear.
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Kids Boots

We’ve been fitting winter boots on little Albertan feet since 1981. Our kids boot collection features the best in cold-weather footwear for kids.
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