Soles for Souls 2011

November 16, 2011

It’s a tough world out there, and nobody understands this better than the Salvation Army. For over a century the Salvation Army has been on the front lines of our city streets, ready to offer a meal, shelter, or a helping hand to those that might need it. With the inevitable winter months that make up the better part of our year it is a busy time for the Salvation Army; and one thing that is always in need are shoes.

  An often-overlooked item of donation, footwear is an essential part of day-to-day life. Without appropriate footwear, it becomes difficult for anybody to function. Weather it’s sneakers for commuting, boots for the January freeze, or dress shoes for somebody getting back in the work force the Salvation Army needs to be properly equipped with footwear to help those who might otherwise go without.

 “The Salvation Army has seen a need for the shoes from Kunitz with homeless people, as well as the working poor, who often find that shoes are a luxury they can’t afford. Thanks to Kunitz shoes, we have been able to help many families get good quality shoes, especially as we get into the winter weather.”
 –Karen Diaper, Assistant Public Relations Director, The Salvation Army 

3 years ago Kunitz Shoes began an initiative, called “Soles for Souls” that we hoped would help keep the Salvation Army in better supply of gently used footwear. After thousands of pairs of shoes have been donated and re-furbished, it is clear that the need has never become stronger than it is today.

 “A gentleman recently came to The Salvation Army and thanks to donations from Kunitz Shoes, we were able to give him some work boots. These boots were the pivotal step in enabling this man to get a job, and help him on the road to self-sufficiency.”
Karen Diaper, Assistant Public Relations Director, The Salvation Army 

 For this years’ Soles for Souls campaign, we wanted to give a bit of focus to the type of footwear that we would like to see brought in. After consulting with the Salvation Army, it would seem that one of the single largest demands they have been getting is for work boots. With the thousands of jobs in the primary industry of Alberta, as well as a growing economy and shrinking unemployment there is a great need for appropriate work boots. Approved footwear can often be the difference of gaining (or keeping) a job for somebody who might otherwise not have the opportunity. For this reason, Kunitz Shoes has teamed up with Blundstone to help bring in some work boots. For every 4 pairs of work boots that get donated at either Kunitz Shoes location, Blundstone and Kunitz Shoes will be donating a brand new pair of steel-toed CSA approved work boots to the Salvation Army.

As always, Kunitz Shoes will also be offering $20 off the purchase of a new pair of shoes with the donation of any pair of serviceable footwear (men’s, Women’s and especially children).

Offer extended to Jan. 15th, 2012. 1 (one) $20 off coupon per person/donation(s), redeemable at either Kunitz Shoes location with the purchase of regular priced footwear.