Kunitz Shoes New Downtown Edmonton Store!

September 15, 2011

On September 15th, we opened the doors on out new downtown location. We’re thinking of calling it Kunitz on Jasper, but Kunitz Shoes will do (it’s a name that has treated us well for the past 30 years!). It was a long road to completion, but we think the new store is representative of what we do. The space is large, open and warm. It offers a lot to our customers, and will make a happy home for all those wonderful shoes, boots and sandals.

It seems lots of people are excited about the new store. We’ve had quite a bit of media attention from the Edmonton Journal, the Edmonton Sun as well. Lots of folks are stopping by to have a look inside the store, and the reaction from many people has been very positive; what’s not to like about a large scale family owned and operated shoe store in the heart of our city?



The new store is located at 10846 Jasper Ave., on the NE corner of Jasper and 109th street. To check out the building process, see the following posts:

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