Repair Service

Saving Soles

“Really good shoes” deserve “Really good Service”

Footwear takes a lot of abuse, but fear not: Kunitz Shoes now offers a fully operational shoe repair service. From simple stitching work to a complex resoling, we’ll get your favorite kicks back in condition.

Footwear can be dropped off and picked up at either Edmonton location.

Service priority is reserved for all footwear that was originally purchased from Kunitz Shoes

Repair Services

Heel Work Men’s/Women’s, western, dress… $15-55
Sole Work Leather resole, protector soles, ½ sole… $30-65
Stitching and Patching Simple, complex, modifications, rivet… Starting at $15
Zipper Work Repair, replace zipper, slider replacement… $30-70
Clean and Polish Work Clean, Polish, touchup… $15-20
Stretching Work Width, Calf, Toebox… $10-15
Adhesive Work Insole replacement, Adhere and press sole… $10-15
Bag Work Handbag stitching and zipper repair… $40-60

Birkenstock Repair Services

1/2 resole + reseal 1/2 resole and cork sealing $35
Resole + Reseal Full resole and cork sealing $55
New Footbed+Resole+Reseal replace cork footbed, resole, cork sealing $90
Reseal only cork sealing $15
Cork refurbishment+reseal Cork filling, cork sealing $30

All repair services are subject to quoting at time of drop off

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